How to copy your fob at FastFobs

3 easy steps

1. Identify your fob type

We need to know the type of fob you have to determine how long it will take to copy and what the final cost will be. Most fobs can be identified visually.

Send us a photo of your fob using our Contact Form or by text message when scheduling your appointment and we’ll identify your type for you!

Look for your fob on our Fob Types page

2. Schedule an appointment

Let us know your preferred date, time, and location and we will notify you of our availability within the same business day. Our average response time is less than one hour. Most appointments take 5 minutes once on site.

Use our contact form

Text us at 647-657-3627


3. Technician arrives at location

Meet with our technician at the agreed upon time and location. We are by appointment only and do not currently have the ability to accept credit cards or e-transfer.

Cash only

Check out our frequently asked questions page!