Frequently asked questions

A fob is a small keychain object that allows access to your building, amenities, garages and sometimes elevators. Check out our Fob Types page for a gallery of common styles.

First your fob needs to be identified so we can determine the cost and time required to process. Next you would contact us to set up an appointment. Finally, set a meeting location to get your fob copied. Process takes about 5 minutes once on site. See our How to page for more information.

There is a microchip and coil within the fob that uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. When placed in close proximity to a reader, the chip will be powered up from the energy in the coil and transmit a unique ID. The building’s system will then check this ID against its database to verify your access credentials. All personal information is stored on the building’s side. The only information on the fob is the unique ID which works similar in concept to a physical key.
Inside an RFID tag
Inside an RFID tag

We have readers for the different types of fobs available. The ID information is read from your original and then written to a blank fob. The copy will respond identically to your original at your building when presented against its reader.

If the physical appearance of the fob is important to you, you can discuss your options with us to special order the same fob style at an additional cost. Not all fob types are compatible with our equipment. See our Pricing page for more details on special order fobs.


We copy nearly all formats of both low frequency 125kHz (LF) and high frequency 13.56MHz (HF) fobs. The most popular LF formats include HID Prox, Indala, ioProx, Paradox, AWID, ICT, Pyramid. HF formats include HID iClass and Mifare. We’ve been able to copy ones that the competition can’t!
Check out our Fob Types page. If you see your fob type, we can definitely copy it. If you have any doubts, you can contact us and send us a photo before you come for an appointment.

Our readers are able to detect when a successful copy has been made. We verify all copies prior to giving them to you. If there are any issues, you will receive a full refund. We always follow up to ensure customer satisfaction!

We follow up with you to ensure you are satisfied. Our service comes with a money-back guarantee! If the copy is not working, simply return the keyfob within 10 days for a full refund.

The entire process takes approximately 5 minutes on average. The high frequency cards such as HID iClass and Mifare take slightly longer (at about 15 minutes) due to the more complex verification process. We test the copy on our systems prior to giving it to you.
The buttons on your remote operate at a different frequency (typically 280MHz to 868MHz) for long range transmission and is a different technology than the tap portion which operates for close proximity. We can only copy the tap portion of your remote (this is treated as a standard fob copy). See our Garage Remote page for details.

Simply go to your building management and report a stolen fob. They should be able to cancel your original one which will automatically de-activate all copies.

Customers often need a copy for visiting parents, relatives, or friends. Some need a spare for the dog walker and/or housekeeper. If you’re renting your unit out either long term or are an authorized Airbnb host, you may not want to give out your original to the tenant in case they lose it. Some customers who have a garage remote style fob but do not have a car may want a smaller fob to carry around instead of the large remote.

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Lifetime Warranty

The fob copy we provide you is a digital replica of your original. It will work in the same way for all the same areas as your original. We provide a lifetime warranty guarantee that the copy will work as long as the original still works. Below are some scenarios and advice for what to do if either original or copy stop working.

Since the copy still works, this situation is not a building access issue and it suggests that your original fob is defective. If you notify your building, they will require you to purchase a new fob and will deactivate the access from your old fob. Once the building removes access to your original, this would cause the copy to stop working since both share the same information. As this situation is beyond our control, it is not applicable for our lifetime warranty and you will need to purchase a new copy.

This suggests a building access issue since it is extremely unlikely that both original and copy stop working simultaneously from a defect. The building may have removed access from your fob as part of regular security audits or it may have been by error. Check to see if they can restore access to your original. As soon as they do, your copy will also begin to work again. If you cannot restore access, as this situation is beyond our control, it is not applicable for our lifetime warranty and you will need to purchase a new copy.

This situation suggests that the fob copy is defective. Although rare, the internal microchip or coil of the fob can stop working unexpectedly. If there is no visible damage, we will replace the copy with the same fob that we copied originally at no charge.

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