Fob Types Supported

We provide fob copy services for proximity tap fobs used in residential condos and appartments for access to building and common element areas such as the pool, gym, bbq areas, or garage.

There are two main technologies of fobs in use around Toronto and the GTA.

  1. The most common is based on low frequency (125kHz) and is usually found in older buildings. These fobs come in all shapes and sizes. They are also typically embeded within garage remotes.
  2. The other main technology is based on high frequency (13.56MHz) and is a newer, more secure fob. The two most popular brands of high frequency fobs are HID iClass and Mifare.

Below are images of fob styles we’ve been successfully able to copy. This image library will give you an idea of which fob types we are able to support but it is not exhaustive. If you don’t see your fob style or are unsure, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. It might be easier to view the fobs we don't support as this list is much shorter. If your fob is not one of these, it's safe to say we can copy it!

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Low Frequency (Standard Fob)

The information from these fobs are read by our systems and copied onto one of our standard fob styles (either a small black fob or white card).

HID iClass

HID iClass is a fob that offers a higher level of security over a standard fob since the data that is transmitted is encrytped. These fob types will display "HID iClass" somewhere on the body. There are three main styles in use:

  1. A round fob with blue center (most common for residential buildings)
  2. A hexagonal all black fob
  3. A small white card (most common for corporate offices)

The copy we provide will be onto an original HID iClass round blue fob.


Mifare is a fob that offers a higher level of security over a standard fob since the data that is transmitted is encrytped. These fob types are harder to identify visually but are typically found in newer buildings. They may have the marking "MF", feature numbers without any identifiable traits, or appear as a generic looking fob with no markings. As a result, these will need to be identified by building address. As we identify more buildings, we will add them to the image library.

Garage Remotes

Garage remotes often have a dual function:

  1. Tap against reader (short proximity for building/amenity access)
  2. Button press (long range for opening garage door)
Garage Remote Illustration

We can only copy the tap portion of your remote. This is treated as a standard fob copy and will be copied onto either a fob or card (see our Pricing page for current prices and fob styles). The buttons on your remote operate at a different frequency (typically 280MHz to 868MHz) for long range transmission and is a different technology than the tap portion which operates for close proximity. We cannot copy the button press access.

Unable to Copy

The list is very short! Currently these are the only three fobs we've come accross we’re not able to copy.

  1. A remote style fob that uses infrared technology similar to your television controller. These are often found in the City Place condo buildings.
  2. Kantech SSF fob from the Icon building
  3. RBH Access fob with writing "RBH-D4"

Contact us to let us know if you’d like to be notified of any developments on these fob types.

We are always looking to expand our collection of fobs for research purposes. Let us know if you are willing to sell us your old fob.

If you don’t see your fob pictured above, contact us!

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